ALLTERCO FAN CUP’s service was entirely devoted to the World Cup, combining the usefulness of receiving updated information with the pleasant surprise of winning an award. The service was launched on 06.12.2014 on the opening day of the championship in Brazil and ended after the final of the most watched championship in the world.

ALLTERCO provided the service to six of the largest mobile operators in the world, which launched it for their customers in 5 countries. Thanks to VIP Serbia, VIPnet Croatia, ONE Macedonia, Romania and Vodafone Mtel and Vivacom in Bulgaria, mobile phone users in these Balkan countries took advantage of the unique possibilities in FAN CUP.

The mobile service is used by over 200 000 subscribers in all territories who not only received the latest news and photos from the World Cup in Brazil, but also participated in various games and campaigns during the tournament - Polls, votes, thematic quizzes, recreational forecasts, etc. The best and most active users chose their own gifts from FAN CUP and are already enjoying their new Samsung Galaxy 5 phones, mobile phone accessories, cameras, laptops, footballs, sports accessories and much more.

Throughout the World Cup, a total of over 1.5 million SMS messages were sent by users in order to participate in the games, comment on the events and for recreational forecasts. The total incoming and outgoing traffic was over 4 million SMS messages.

Support was given by seven local journalists in different countries, and pictures were provided by top photographers from France Press.

After the undeniable success of the launch of FAN CUP, ALLTERCO and its partners decided to continue the service by preparing for the preliminary groups of the Champions League, Europa League and local championships in different countries! So surprises and rewards lie ahead for football fans and members of the FAN CUP!




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