BAM /BRANDED ANDROID MARKET/ is an Android Market, that includes:

 Design form the mobile operator:
BAM is customized for each mobile operator - this includes logo, colors, buttons, menu styles etc.


Integration with the payment system of the mobile operator:

All payments go through the mobile operator. There are different payment methods - MO/MT SMS with added value, WAP payment, event charging, M Payment.

 Control over all programs in the store:
The mobile operator can define which programs will be visible in the store and which not. The moderation of the programs is fully managed by ALLTERCO with the approval or preferences of the mobile operator.

The store uses Google’s targeted advertisement system, but we can add other integrated systems according to the preferences.

 Fast and easy personalization:
BAM can easily be personalized according to special events or holidays.

Advance installation on branded phones:

BAM can be installed in advance on any new Android cell phone from the mobile operator's store. For older versions BAM can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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