Electronic service for charging, self charging and control over parking in specified areas

ALLTERCO MPS SMS PARKING SYSTEM  is and innovative product for development of parking payment system in specified areas in the cities. For this purpose, Teracomm offers our SMS payment system  ALLTERCO MPS SMS PARKING SYSTEM - our own development and company know-how, including full integration, hardware and software, mobile numbers servicing for the SMS payments of the parking, and maintenance and development of the system in order to fit each city’s needs.

What’s included in the ALLTERCO MPS SMS PARKING SYSTEM :

  1. Verification and control software for the paid parking fees;
  2. Addition to the software - database for extension of parking rights;
  3. Mobile device software for verification of paid fees and violations;
  4. Mobile devices for verification and control;
  5. Database creation and maintenance for the registered paid parking fees of all vehicles;
  6. Communication between all mobile devices and the system server containing the database;
  7. Short number for receiving SMS messages or voice message for parking payment;
  8. Contract with the mobile operators for the given short number for payment;
  9. Database maintenance of all vehicle license plates owned by residents in the specified parking area;
  10. Staff training:
    1. Training all personnel to work with the database and software for information exchange;
    2. Staff training in parking control;
    3. Training of the supervisors of the system;
    4. Call Center training;

ALLTERCO MPS SMS PARKING SYSTEM is already working in the following cities:

Rousse, Pazardzhik, Silistra, Plovdiv, Slanchev bryag, Blagoevgrad, Vidin, Bansko, Stara Zagora, Pleven


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