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During the biggest pre-Christmas shopping period, the company sold home automation devices with a total worth of over BGN 7 million

December 1, 2020. Sofia Allterco Robotics, part of the Allterco JSCo holding, has once again registered impressive sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Through its online store and its extensive distribution network, the company sold over 320,000 home automation devices for a total of over BGN 7 million. This is nearly 4 times the sales registered in the same period in 2019 – 1.6 million BGN. Consumers from over 120 countries around the world took advantage of the special offers and ordered their Shelly devices, with the greatest interest being observed in Germany, followed by Italy, Austria, Portugal, the United States and Sweden.

“The Black Friday sales mirror the company’s success throughout the whole 2020 – commented Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Allterco Robotics. – Even better news, the products delivered to the distributors around the world are already sold out and in the coming days we expect new orders as part of the Christmas holidays preparations. We are fully prepared and will be shipping all orders, including the additional products within the following few days.”

Shelly – the smart solution for every home

Shelly products allow consumers to automate every point in their homes without having to change their electrical installation, like switches or sockets, and this is one of the main reasons behind the company’s success. These devices are the smallest of their kind in the world, but are also among the most functional ones in terms of capabilities. In order to use them, users do not need any additional equipment – only a Wi-Fi network. This makes Shelly devices extremely affordable and competitive. As of November, Shelly products are also available in Bauhaus-Germany stores and are part of their promotional offers, along with those of some of the most prestigious automation brands. 

“You can start automating your home with only 10 Euros – added Dimitar Dimitrov. – Then you can gradually add new devices to control the lights, the heating, your garage door, the blinds, air conditioning and everything else that uses power.” 

The latest product of the company is called Shelly 1L, and it can be installed even when there is no neutral wire, which is the case in over 70% of the home installations. The installation takes only 10 minutes and allows users to control the lighting via their mobile phones or to set the change to happen automatically at certain times of the day, including to do so in accordance with the daily sunrise and sunset times.

2020 – more than a successful year

2020 was extremely successful for Allterco JSCo, part of which is Allterco Robotics. The innovative IoT company Allterco Robotics hasn’t stopped developing, and through a series of innovations during the year, strengthened its position as a leading developer of home automation devices. In 2020, it added a number of new devices to its portfolio, including Shelly Motion – the first Wi-Fi sensor that can be connected to the Internet 24/7 thanks to its impressive battery, and Shelly i3 – the world’s smallest Wi-Fi home automation device.

In September, the company presented its latest devices under the Shelly brand at one of the largest technology forums in the world – IFA Berlin, where it had its own press conference.


 Allterco Robotics is a leading and innovative IoT company founded in Bulgaria with the goal of making life easier for modern people. And we are achieving it. Allterco’s devices are inspired by the end user’s dream to live a calmer and easier life. With a team of young talented developers, devoted to producing competitive and easy-to-use products that change our world for the better, the company has already conquered dozens of markets.

Over the last few years, Allterco’s team set a whole new trend in the Home Automation systems, Wearable Devices, and Health Care products. The company has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sells its products in more than 90 countries. The company is engaged in the development of innovative IoT solutions and products. At the moment, the main directions of product development Allterco Robotics works in are two – smart GPS devices from the MyKi product line, such as the MyKi watches, and home automation solutions. The company has the ambition to expand its product range further with new and innovative developments.