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01-12-2020_Аnnouncement_ Shelly devices sales
01-12-2020_Аnnouncement_ Shelly devices sales
03-12-2020_Announcement_ Purchasing of own shares.
04-02-2020_Announcement - Preliminary Agreement Allterco Properties (available only in Bulgarina)
04-06-2020_Submission for approval of Supplement to Prospectus and Consolidated Financial Results.pdf
04-06-2020_Resolution of the BoD for submission of Supplement to Prospectus and territory of offering (available only in Bulgarian)
04-11-2020_Announcement_Submission for approval of Supplement to Prospectus and Consolidated Financial Results
06-10-2020_Announcement under Art. 114а (9) of POSA (available only in Bulgarian)
07-07-2020_Announcement_Financial Results Allterco Robotics and other events of significance for the investors
10-07-2020_Announcement_Final Agreement_Allterco Properties EOOD
12-06-2020_Announcement_Supplement to Prospectus
12-10-2020_Announcement under Art.19 (3) of Regulation 596/2014 (MAR) about received by the company notification from managers and related parties (available only in Bulgarian)
13-10-2020_Announcement_long term equity investments of Allterco JSCo
13-11-2020_Announcement_ Registration of capital increase
14-08-2020_Announcement_ Confirmation of the second Supplement to Prospectus
17-03-2020_Announcement_Preliminary Agreement_new date
22-10-2020_Announcement_new (third) Supplement to Prospectus
18-02-2020_Announcement about approved Prospectus (available only in Bulgarian)
21-10-2020_Announcement_sale of long term equity investments_shares in Link Holding
22-10-2020_Announcement_new (third) Supplement to Prospectus
22-10-2020_Announcement under Art.19 (3) of Regulation 596/2014 (MAR) about received by the company notifications from managers (available only in Bulgarian)
22-12-2020_Announcement_ capital increase of Allterco Properties
24-01-2020_Resolution of the BoD on the capital increase and its parameters (available only in Bulgarian)
24-01-2020_Announcement about the parameters of the capital increase (available only in Bulgarian)
25-02-2020_Announcement_publishing of Prospectus
25-11-2020 _Announcement_ Admission to trading BSE
26-10-2020_Announcement_long term equity investments_sale of shares in Link Holding
28-09-2020_Announcement under 89r POSA regarding Public Offering of Allterco JSCo
29-04-2020_Announcement_Consolidated Annual Financial Statement
30-01-2020_Announcement about submission of Prospectus for approval by the FSC (available only in Bulgarian)
30-03-2020_Announcement_Annual Financial Report 2019_delay
30-07-2020_Announcement_Interim Financial Statements 2020
30-09-2020_Announcement_invesment loan_real estate_Properties
30-12-2020_Announcement_ Additional Cash Contribution_Allterco Trading.
30-10-2020_Announcement_ Approval of the third Supplement to Prospectus