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Allterco delivers innovation through designing, producing and distributing high quality IoT products. We constantly expand our reach while setting new trends in the tech industry through transparent customer approach, exceptional value for money and strong partnerships.

Home and Industrial building automation solutions

Enjoy a vast product line of innovative devices that allow remote control of electrical appliances through mobile phone, PC or home automation systems.

Peace and comfort for the whole family

Invite the peace and comfort in your home with the MyKi product line and our smartwatches for kids with parental control, smart tracking devices, and personal healthcare series.






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Allterco in media Shelly Plug US review: A European brand makes a splash in the States

Shelly is a sub-brand of a Bulgarian company, Alltarco, which recently began making its products available in the U.S. While it initially built its name…
Allterco in media Wi-Fi-based $39 Shelly Motion Sensor Targets Smart Home Market

The motion sensor is finally moving into the 21 Century. Decades ago, it was a major leap when PIRs moved from hardwired to wireless battery-powered…
Allterco in media

TechAdvisor: How to make any LED strip smart and control it with Alexa

When I first tried out a LIFX Z LED strip, I was amazed at how it was able to produce a range of white colours…
Allterco in media

Residential Tech Today: Allterco Robotics Partners with AV Distributor Blackwire

Smart home innovator Allterco Robotics US, makers of the award-winning Shelly smart home products, today announced details of a strategic partnership with AV distributor Blackwire…

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