Home Automation

Shelly is an IoT brand of innovative devices, which allow remote control of electric appliances through mobile phone, PC or home automation systems. Shelly’s portfolio lays foundation on its relays, allowing for remote control of lights, electrical appliances, sensors, bi-directional motors, as well as monitoring of energy consumption. In recent years, sensors detecting specific events such as motion, flooding, moisture, smoke, gases, or the opening of doors or windows have been included for no-wire applications. Additionally, Shelly’s portfolio includes intelligent wall plugs, air purifiers, temperature & humidity sensors, and smart dimmable and RGBW bulbs. Shelly products are available in over 100 international markets through an extensive network of more than 70 partners.

Smart Watches

The child GPS-GSM watch MyKi is a new generation device that allows parents to communicate with and monitor the location of their child via the MyKi Watch mobile application.
The MyKi Watch line includes MyKi Watch, MyKi Touch, and MyKi Watch 4 Lite, all of which have unique designs and functionalities. Today, thousands of children in Europe wear MyKi watches, as they are available in over 20 international markets through a network consisting of more than 30 partners.


MyKi Auto is a smart tracker created for automobiles combining the best of GPS, AGPS, LBS and Wi-Fi technologies to track automobiles or cargo everywhere in the world. Together with the MyKi Auto App, users can take advantage of many functionalities and different tracking options.

MyKi Spot is a smart tracker that can be set in one of 3 different modes, depending on your needs- Pet tracker, Asset tracker, or SOS button. It uses a combination of GPS, A-GPS, WiFi and LBS technologies to provide maximum accuracy when locating your device.

Care series

After gaining traction as a company developing smart and innovative products, Allterco expanded its operations into the medical and healthcare field. MyKi Care is a product line developed under the MyKi brand, and has the appropriate CE and FDA certification.

The MyKi Care thermometer is a smart device that measures and tracks body temperature. When placed under the armpit, MyKi Care thermometer monitors and sends information about the temperature every eight seconds by Bluetooth to the MyKi Care App.