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For the past few months, I’ve been getting emails from podcast listeners asking me about Shelly, a brand of smart home devices that I’ve long associated with Europe. It turns out that this time last year, Allterco Robotics, the company behind the Shelly devices, launched the brand in the U.S., although the pandemic subsequently muted any splash it may have made.

However, it will soon hit more radars as the brand will announce on Monday, that it has completed an integration with Home Assistant, popular open-source software that lets people integrate their smart home devices into their overall smart home systems. Customers using Shelly’s sensors and relays will now be able to pull those devices into their Home Assistant setups. And customers already using Home Assistant will soon be able to find Shelly devices on the platform.

Shelly’s software platform is very complete, but you don’t have to use it. Image courtesy of Shelly.
Allterco Robotics launched the Shelly brand in Europe in 2015 after pivoting from providing software to mobile carriers. In December 2019, it brought the brand to the U.S., right before COVID-19 showed up here. Svetlin Todorov, CEO of Allterco Robotics US, said the company made the shift to smart home devices because providing software for carrier-run app stores proved to be a dead end.

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